Audition for SPM!!

Here's what players need to know for the 2021-2022 
concert season.

Symphony Pro Musica is seeking players for the upcoming season!

Based in Hudson, MA and now celebrating its 39th year, SPM is a high level, ambitious volunteer community orchestra serving MetroWest and Central MA conducted by Mark Churchill.

Current openings include:

-Clarinet 3/bass clarinet

-Bassoon 3/Contra

-String players in all sections are very welcome.

-All instruments are very welcome as subs and/or for waitlists.

If interested, please email SPM Executive Director Mark Ford  
( for further information.

Concerts in November (including Mechanics Hall, Worcester), January, March, and May.


Major works for the season include Beethoven 8, Tchaikovsky 6, Musgrave "Turbulent Landscapes," Dawson "Negro Folk Symphony," Elgar Cello Concerto (Zlatomir Fung), Dvorak Violin Concerto (Inmo Yang) and Bartok Piano Concerto 3 (Michael Lewin).


Most rehearsals have been held Wednesday nights in the Hudson High School band room.  We begin promptly at 7:15 PM and rehearse until 10:00 PM. 


Concert Warm-Up

Warm-ups are generally scheduled for an hour and forty-five minutes before each concert.  Details are announced at dress rehearsals, and will be posted on the SPM Calendar

Concert Dress


Women – Long, all black

Men – Tuxedo or black suit with black bow tie